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  • Version 1.2 (2017-07-04)
  • Version 1.1 (2012-03-05)
  • Version 1.0 (2005-12-20)

  • Cenon Astro - News

    Current Version

    Stable:  4.0.6 (1.2.6) ready for Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra).
    Next: 4.1.0 (1.3.0) (Version numbers and Update Philosophy)

    Cenon Astro 4.0.6 (Astro module 1.2.5) for Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.12 (Sierra).
    Cenon Astro 3.9.2 (Astro module 1.1.5) with RPM packages for SUSE 11.
    Also, the latest source codes.
    Recent extensions and improvements

    Aug 2017 Cenon Astro 4.0.6 (1.2.6). Fixes and Improvements of Cenon.
    Nov 2016 Cenon Astro 4.0.5 (1.2.5). Support for Max OS 10.12 (Sierra). Improvements of Cenon.
    Feb 2016 Cenon Astro 4.0.4 (1.2.4). Support for Max OS 10.11 (El Capitan). Many improvements of Cenon.
    Feb 2015 Cenon Astro 4.0.3 (1.2.3). Support for Max OS 10.10 (Yosemite). Heliocentric and Equatorial locations. Many improvements of Cenon.
    Jan 2014 Cenon Astro 4.0.2 (1.2.2). Support for Max OS 10.9 (Mavericks), plus many improvements of Cenon.
    Nov 2012 Cenon Astro 4.0.1 (1.2.1). Code-Signed for Gatekeeper / Mountain-Lion, minor improvements.
    Oct 2012 Cenon Astro 4.0.0 (1.2.0). latest Cenon release, minor improvements of the astro module.
    Mar 2012 Cenon Astro 3.9.6 (1.1.5). updated package with minor bug fixes, corrected permissions in package.
    May 2011 Cenon Astro 3.9.4 (1.1.5). updated package with minor bug fixes.
    Jan 2011 Cenon Astro 3.9.3 (1.1.5). updated package with minor bug fixes.
    Nov 2010 Cenon Astro 3.9.2 (1.1.5). This release fits to Cenon 3.9.2.
    Since we provide the Astro module for Cenon now including Cenon, we now also display two version numbers. First the Cenon version and in brackets the version of the astro module.
    May 2010 Cenon Astro 3.9.1 (1.1.4) is there. All in one package now: Cenon + Astro module. All Chart windows scale their contents, many more improvements.
    Dec 2009 Cenon Astro 1.1.3 has been released. This release provides mainly bug fixes.
    You also need to install Cenon 3.9.0.
    Aug 2009 A first Pre-Release (Source Codes) of Cenon Astro 1.1.3 with many improvements can be found on our FTP-Server. The Source codes compile on Apple and Linux.
    You also need Cenon 3.9.0.
    Aug 2007 Online help as PDF added for Apple, Printing of charts improved (Apple)
    New: Coordinate Display can hide now
    Dec 2006 Chart-Masks with more configuration, Bug-Fixes
    Fractal Edition: new Chart Masks with integrated Interval-Charts, calculation of Precession Chart by angle or divider, Wave-Option for Transits.
    Nov 2006 Know-How pages Fractal Astrology: Star Base Geometries, Questions and Answers
    Jun 2006 New: Cenon Astro (Fractal Edition)
    Flow-Charts, Precessions-Charts, Fracal Stars, Resonant Waves, ...
    Jun 2006 New: Aspect Lines, Astro Clock
    Apple: Universal Binary for Power-PC and Intel Hardware
    Dec 2005 New: Display of Declination
    Sep 2005 New: Table with degrees of composite chart
    Event-Database: direct setting of composite chart.
    Jun 2005 Antialiasing optimizations
    Apple: compiled with Panther (Mac OS 10.3).
    Jan 2005 City data is searched in local library too.
    Dec 2004 Apple: Workaround for correct line height in aspect table.
    increased size of text boxes of charts.
    Oct 2004 New: Time Zone selection,
    New: topocentric Planet positions
    Jun 2004: New: Aspect Search


    Cenon Astro - Fractal Astrology
    We are excited to introduce our Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro. This brand new product starts with a whole set of unique tools for Astrology...

    Cenon Astro - the next step
    The new version offers many improvements and some new possibilities. Among other details, we added Aspect Lines as well as an Astro Clock. The Preferences have been reworked completely...

    Cenon Astrology - out of the starting blocks
    The Astrology module for Cenon finally has closed it's beta test phase and is now available in version 1.00. For many users of the beta version only a little step, but the proper time to post the news.
    Cenon Astrology is a free Astrology module for Cenon which turns Cenon into a nice Astrology software. The module uses the precise NASA ephemeris based on the Swiss Ephemeris. Cenon Astro has quite something to offer to it's user...

    Cenon becomes Free Software
    The well known Design- and Production software Cenon is heading towards a new era - Free Software. Cenon is now taking the final turn after extensive enhancements and modifications during the last two years. Thousands of hours of development are now close to the quantum leap. Before long, Cenon will welcome a new audience in the field of DTP and is looking forward to make many new friends...

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