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The Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro introduces some fascinating new tools for the serious researcher of Astrology. The package offers all features of our Free Version, but much more...


Flow Charts and Precession Charts

Flow Charts display objects over a range of time. The elaborate Precession Charts, display two or more cycles in relation to each other.


Fractal Stars

These hierarchic stars are a novelty. In the resonant form of display, the stars are able to show a complete hierarchy of resonant aspects.

Intervall Charts 

Interval Charts

The interval charts show their strength especially with the resonant stars. This makes it possible to observe changes between intervals of time.

Resonant Waves 
Resonant Waves

Cenon calculates the strongest wave length at a time and location, and adds markings of the nodal points to the rim of the chart.

 Fractal Edition
All our free features plus:
Flow Charts
Precession Charts
Fractal Stars
Resonant Waves
Interval Charts
Stereographic Maps
Slip Case, Manuals, CD, ...

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