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Cenon Astro is an Astrology Software based on our graphics application Cenon. This makes Cenon Astro probably the only Astrology Tool that allows full editing of Chart Masks plus all generated Charts, Maps, etc. However, Cenon Astro offers even more...

The powerful base version of Cenon Astro is Free Software. Our Fractal Edition ventures one step further with Astrology and introduces some unique tools for the Astrologer.


Fractal Astrology

The Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro starts with a series of novel ideas for Astrology. This package gives the astrologer Precession charts, Fractal Stars, Resonant Waves, Interval Charts, and more. Many unique tools, never seen before on the face of the planet.


Astrology Charts

Cenon creates the well known event charts and birth charts. The look of the charts is open to change and can be adopted to personal preference. Besides simple charts you can also create Composite Charts.
Some of the chart features offered by Cenon are quite special.


Astrological Maps

Cenon allows the creation of Astrological Geographic Maps. Any event can be displayed as lines on a map. The default map is a vector map based on the free CIA maps.
You can use any map you like with Cenon. Cenon even allows the use of scanned maps.


Some Panels

The Astrology module provides additional panels for Cenon. Example are panels to create charts, maps, or manage events and cities.

Screenshot of Cenon Astro (Fractal Edition) on Apple

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Version 4.0.5

 Key Features (free)
Event charts and birth charts
Database to manage events
Comparison of two events in a Composite Chart
Astrologic Geographic Maps
Extended aspect table
Accumulating Aspect Search
Display of planetary nodes
Astro Clock
Topocentric degree scale
Custom designed masks for charts and maps
More features

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