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Cenon Astro - Features


  • Event charts or birth charts
  • Aspect table with ecliptical mirrors
  • Display of exactness of aspects (orb) in three shades
  • Aspect Lines with exactness displayed as thickness
  • Comparison of two events in a Composite Chart
  • Display of planetary nodes and Asteroids
  • Alignment of Ascendent or ecliptic
  • Astro Clock
  • Topozentric degree scale for houses
  • Topozentric planet positions
  • Masks for charts are completely customizable
Astrological Geographic Maps

  • Creation of Astrological maps
  • Vector maps (CIA maps)
  • Adoption of scanned maps - Cenon maps to everything
  • Display of AC and MC axes to planets

  • Comfortable event management
  • Time Zone Panel
  • Import of event data in AAF format
  • City database with currently 25.000 cities world wide
  • Accumulating Aspect Search
  • Free editing of all calculated charts and maps
  • Usage of the high precision NASA Ephemeris data based on the Swiss Ephemeris.

  • Output to printer
  • Output to plotter using the HPGL export
  • With CAM module: Production of magnificent and timeless Astrological charts and maps for example as an inlay of wood and brass.
Fractal Edition

  • Flow Charts
  • Precession Charts
  • Fractal Stars to display Aspect Hierachies
  • Display of the dominant resonant wave including it's prime factors
  • Interval Charts
  • Stereographic Map
  • Slip-Case, Books, CD, ...

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