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When Printing, the Symbol Table is being cut off at the bottom of the page (Mac OSX >=10.8)
Reason: The paper format of your printer has a very large margin at the bottom.
Luckily, it is possible to define your own paper format without margin.

  1. Menu: Format -> Page Layout
  2. The last entry of the Popup "Paper Size" opens another Panel which allows managing custom paper formats. Here you can create a paper format without margin:
  3. Paper Size: 210 mm and 297 mm (for A4)
    Non-Printable Area: set everything to 0
    Click on + and rename

It is a good idea to make this paper format the default for your printer, so that it gets used with all Applications.

The Astrological Symbols are not visible after Installation
OS 10.4: After an Update Cenon is crashing (also the Font Book)
With OS 10.5 everything seems to work fine. However with OS 10.4 there are different behaviours from "everything fine" to crash after an Update.
a) One solution is to use the FontBook to install the Fonts that already reside in /Library/Fonts/vhfAstro.otf and vhfAstroLogical.otf.
Start the FontBook (The easiest way is to double click a font). Now you can simple drag the Fonts from the Finder to the folder "Computer". Installation with the FontBook does not work after a Cenon-Update, as the old fonts were not properly removed (OS 10.4.11)!
b) Move the fonts with the Finder out of the folder /Library/Fonts to another place. Then move them back - done.
c) Restarting the Computer should solve the issue also

 Linux / GNUstep

The RPM package manager shows failed dependencies for libgnustep-base.so.x.xx and libgnustep-gui.so.x.xx."
The GNUstep libraries have to be installed in /usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries (Debian: /usr/lib/GNUstep...).
If this is the case, you can safely install Cenon without dependency check:
rpm -Uhv --nodeps Cenon*.rpm

The RPM package, I converted with Alien for Debian does not work
The RPM packages install to the directory '/usr/GNUstep', while Debian installed GNUstep to '/usr/lib/GNUstep'. To save the situation, you can simply create a link to '/usr/GNUstep'.
ln -s /usr/lib/GNUstep /usr/GNUstep
At the moment there are no Debian packages of the Astro module available.

Still, it does not work with Debian
The Debian versions of Cenon and the GNUstep libraries doesn't necessarily fit with the RPM packages of the Astro module. The safest way is to compile the source codes of Cenon and the Astro module.

E-Mail Hotline

If your question is not already covered in the User's Guide or the FAQ, we are looking forward to read your email, maybe we can help. To make support easier for us, be as detailed as possible in describing any issues with our software.

We try to answer emails as soon as possible, even if we don't always succeed with the free software.

E-Mail to the Cenon Support

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