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Cenon Astro - Download

You have the choice: For the platforms Apple and (Linux) you can download ready to use versions. Other platforms can be build from the source codes.
You will also find documentation and the NASA ephemeris data.

Apple - the graphics platform - and now also an Astrology platform.
Here you find everything you need to run Cenon Astro on your Apple computer.

Linux - the popular platform for people who love their freedom.
Here you find Cenon Astro for Linux, and the source codes to compile everything yourself. For compilation on most platforms you need the source codes from here and the GNUstep library.

OpenStep 4.2
OpenStep - the legendary platform - is the forefather of Apples Mac OS-X. OpenStep was a vision.
Here you find all you need to run Cenon with OpenStep.

We offer the Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro in our Shop.

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