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Cenon System Requirements


These are the system requirements for the different computer platforms and architectures.


The easiest way to go (with the most beautiful hardware and the currently most advanced OS).
  • Mac-OS X, version 10.5 or higher
  • Apple with Intel CPU. Cenon is compiled as Universal Binary for 32 and 64 Bit. (Packages for Power PC are available up to Cenon 4.0.0),

The easiest way is to start from one of the available Linux distributions. There are no special requirements for hardware, any modern Computer will do the job.
The GNUstep backend of choice is the Cairo- or Art-Backend because they allow text scaling and text rotation.

Linux based on a standard distribution:

GNUstep Library

  • The best choice to get the latest release of GNUstep and Cenon running is to install GNUstep from source code. You can download the sources of GNUstep from the GNUstep web-site.
  • GNUstep RPMs for SuSE Linux (RPM packages of GNUstep on the vhf server)
  • Debian (GNUstep packages for Debian Linux)

Unix in general

Systems like Sun Solaris, Free BSD, Net BSD need to be compiled from source code.
  • Cenon Source Codes
  • GNUstep Core Libraries (Make, Base, GUI)

Still own a version of OpenStep 4.2? On any modern PCs this is a rocket with a smooth user experience, the world has not seen again since then. Nowadays, OpenStep is not a true option any more without USB support…
Cenon can be installed on OpenStep up to Cenon 3.9.
  • Intel compatible PC (x86)
  • OpenStep 4.2


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