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List of changes for Cenon Version 3.6x.


3.67 (2005-01-12)

  • Apple (3.67-2): Line-Inspector now supports Lines with 90 degree angle
  • Apple (3.67-2): Separation of colors to layers now works correctly
  • Groups: Allow change of stroke width and filling
  • PS-Import: support filenames with blanks
  • Debian: use system library if available and local library is empty
  • Apple: Allow more than a single new document on some Apple systems (workaround)
  • Apple, PS-Import: search gs in /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin
  • Apple, PS-Import: allow import of PS-Files which contain special characters
  • Apple, PS-Import: use an available font as default
  • Apple: Cenon-Menu translated to German
  • more details and bug fixes
3.66 (2004-12-21)

  • Drag: Dragging of EPS files into a Cenon document now imports vector data
3.65 (2004-12-14)

  • DXF-Import: use default layer, if no layer is provided
  • DXF-Import: correct arc bounds for polyline and vertex
  • several minor bug fixes
3.64 (2004-10-12)

  • GNUstep: Printing of documents with images fixed
  • GNUstep: changes for GNUstep version 0.9.4
  • some more details
3.63 (2004-09-30)

  • New: Copy and Paste of PostScript to other applications
  • New: Preferences option to set line width
  • document size on disk reduced
  • faster document loading
  • faster batch copying
  • GNUstep: simpler printing code to allow printing
  • DXF-Import: set correct Arc bounds
  • some more bug fixes
  • code clean ups
3.62 (2004-06-24)

  • Import: HPGL-Import and DXF-Import leave arc centers outside of working area.
  • Fix, Text: Memory leak fixed
  • Preferences are active for new installations (since 3.60b?)
  • GNUstep source: Mini-Library is installed by 'make install'
3.61 (2004-04-19)

  • Type-1 Fonts allow editing of larger fonts
  • Fix, Save: Saving of Fonts works again
3.60 (2004-04-03)

  • Images can handle CMYK-Images now
  • Fix, ASCII-Import: Conversions are loaded again (since 3.60 beta 9)
  • Fix, Outline: Outline generation improved
  • Fix, GNUstep Packages: Library is reduced in size by removing unused images.
3.60 beta 10 (2004-02-28)

  • GNUstep/Apple: get library paths dynamically
  • Fix, Split: Potential crash fixed for Edit->Split
  • Apple: Crash fixed for multiple 'Save As'
  • Text Contour: Set line width to 0 (important for stroked fonts like engraving fonts)
  • Grid: The grid is drawn thinner with Anti-Aliasing (e.g. Art-Backend)
  • Cenon Source:
    • Source-Package: CharConversion, SinkingMetrics.plist, COPYRIGHT added
    • FontListNoFill removed from project
    • Apple: nonexisting BUGS-file removed from project
    • VHFImport: README added providing an overview of the import
    • GNUstep-Package: Apple-nibs are now complete
3.60 beta 9 (2003-10-25)

  • Release of the first free version of Cenon. Everything is new.

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