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GNUstep RPM packages for SuSe Linux


Here you find current packages for GNUstep and GNUstep applications for SuSe Linux, as well as a short manual for installation. The packages should run on other distributions too, using the RPM package manager. To run Cenon, you need at least the 5 base packages.

SuSe version: >= 10.3
Architecture: i586
GNUStep Version: 0.13.0 (GUI)


Here you find some documentation helping the installation.
Document Language Version Size Download
Short installation guide English 0.13.0 10 KB INSTALL
GNUstep User Guide English - Link GNUstep User Guide

GNUstep Core (0.13.0)

Here you find the core packages. These are a must get for a running GNUstep environment.
Base Packages (RPM) Version Architecture Size Download
GNUstep Make 2.0.0 Linux i586 0.11 MB gnustep-make-2.0.0-1.i586.rpm
GNUstep Base 1.15.0 Linux i586 2.23 MB gnustep-base-1.15.0-1.i586.rpm
GNUstep GUI 0.13.0 Linux i586 1.42 MB gnustep-gui-0.13.0-1.i586.rpm
GNUstep Art Backend 0.13.0 Linux i586 0.58 MB gnustep-back-0.13.0-1.i586.rpm
GNUstep System Fonts 0.1.1 Linux no arch 1.46 MB gnustep-fonts-0.1.1-1.noarch.rpm

System Applications

These packages are the GNUstep System-Applications. You don't need them, but they are important to achieve the real GNUstep user experience.
System Packages (RPM) Version Architecture Size Download
Workspace Manager 0.8.6 Linux i586 2.58 MB GWorkspace.app-0.8.6-1.i586.rpm

Developer Tools

The Gorm Interface Builder is needed to translate Cenon to other languages.
Paket (RPM) Version Architektur Grösse Download
GORM (Graphical Interface Modeller) 1.1.0 Linux i586 1.0 MB Gorm-1.1.0-1.i586.rpm

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